update about the children of Reubin and Rachel Chambers Thompson

The genealogy section of the ReubinThompson.org website has been updated to reflect the research of Reubin Thompson and his actual family members that are different than was listed in the book: Footprints of a Pioneer Family, the Story of Kemp by author Kathryn O. Scott.

In the book, Footprints of a Pioneer Family, the Story of Kemp, author Kathryn O. Scott listed the following as the children of Reubin and Rachel Chambers Flanders:

Asa Thompson – born 1793
Reubin Thomspon Jr. – born 1796
JohnThompson – born 1799
Elizabeth Thompson – born 1800
Robert THompson – born 1804
Henry Thompson – born 1806
Allen Thompson – born 1807
William Thompson – born 1809
Jordon Thompson – born 1810
Katie Thompson – born 1812
Edy Thompson – born 1813
Jamima Thompson – born 1815
Hettie Thompson – born 1816
Hardy C. Thompson – born 1817
Sally Thompson – born 1819

Genealogical research has revealed credible evidence and facts to indicate Reuben and Rachel Chambers Thompson actually had the following children:

Asa Thompson born 1793 died bet. 1840-1850
Katherine Thompson born 01 Sep 1795 died 06 Dec 1884
John Thompson born 1799 died aft 1850
Elizabeth Thompson born 1800 died after 1850
Sarah “Sallie” Thompson born 1801 died 1833
Robert Thompson born 04 Jan 1804 died 25 Nov 1865
Henry Thompson born 03 Aug 1806 died 06 May 1887

Genealogical research continues on the Thompson and related families and we will keep you updated on any new discoveries!