New Information about William Beasley and Mildred Amelia Beasley Thompson

Continuing genealogy research has revealed new information about William Beasley and his daughter, Mildred Amelia “Miley” Beasley Thompson, wife of Robert Thompson.

William Beasley (father of Mildred Amelia “Miley” Beasley) served as a Dragoon in a mounted Troop of Georgia Militia Dragoons during 1793-1794, serving under the command of Captain Jonas Fauche, in Greene County, Georgia. Also serving as Dragoons in the same mounted Troop of Georgia Militia Dragoon unit with William Beasley were John Robinett(e) and Jeremiah Robinett(e), who were probably brothers of Rachel Robinette, wife of William Beasley.

William Beasley and Rachel Robinette were married on 23 Sep 1794 in Greene County, Georgia, where William Beasley served in the mounted Troop of Militia Dragoons of Greene County, Georgia.

Later, William Beasley served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment of the Burke County Militia of Georgia on May 10, 1799.

Reubin Thompson served as a Lieutenant in the 5th Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment of the Burke County Militia of Georgia during the same time period that William Beasley served as a Lieutenant.

Although William Beasley and Reubin Thompson were serving in different units of the Burke County Militia of Georgia, it is now apparent that the William Beasley family and Reubin Thompson family knew each other while both were living in Burke County, Georgia which resulted in the subsequent marriage of Robert Thompson, son of Reubin Thompson, and Mildred Amelia “Miley” Beasley, daughter of William Beasley and the subsequent move of their families to Emanuel County, Georgia.

The death certificate of Robert Bird (Byrd) Thompson, son of Robert Thompson, states that “Miley” Beasley was born in Maryland. The death certificate information was provided by Charlie Homer Thompson, son of Robert Bird (Byrd) Thompson. However, the 1850 US Federal Census for Emanuel County, Georgia which shows William Beasley was born in North Carolina and the research evidence listed above shows conclusively that Mildred Amelia “Miley” Beasley Thompson was born in Burke County, Georgia and not in Maryland.

Further genealogy research is continuing on the Thompson and related families!!!