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Thursday, June 9, 2011 6:13 PM

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of the families that settled in the area of Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia and their related families and descendants.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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Birth: January 11, 1765North Carolina, USA
Death: December 31, 1855Emanuel, Georgia, USA
Birth: 1756
Death: February 20, 1835Williston, Barnwell, South Carolina, USA
Birth: 1756Virginia, USA
Death: 1802Montgomery, Georgia, USA
Birth: 1758North Carolina, USA
Death: after July 25, 1839Emanuel, Georgia, USA
Birth: 1760Craven, North Carolina, USA
Death: between September 1838 and March 1839Emanuel, Georgia, USA Genealogy