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June 9, 2011 - 10:13:19 p.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of the families that settled in the area of Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia and their related families and descendants.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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Mary E. HagerOctober 20, 20146Death
Kim Ivan PetersonOctober 20, 200713Death
William Irwin DwyerOctober 20, 200515Death
Mickey W. LewisOctober 20, 200020Death
William Jacob Willig Jr.October 20, 198436Death
Cynthia R. WasherOctober 20, 197050Death
Catherine Estelle ThornOctober 20, 196852Death
Jottie Francis HenryOctober 20, 196852Death
Mary E. GriffinOctober 20, 196258Death
George Christoph SchulzOctober 20, 195367Death
Ernest Malcolm WoodOctober 20, 194971Death
Grover Cleveland HelmlyOctober 20, 194476Death
Florence Myrtle FullerOctober 20, 194080Death
Wesley Hartwell JohnsonOctober 20, 193882Death
Irene Ella BagleyOctober 20, 193882Death
Audrey Alberta HiltonOctober 20, 193684Death
Catherine Grace LongoOctober 20, 193684Death
Isam E. YoungbloodOctober 20, 193387Death
Patrick Henry BeasleyOctober 20, 193288Birth
Mary Alice ThornOctober 20, 193090Death
William Emory Hermann Jr.October 20, 193090Birth
Betty WilsonOctober 20, 193090Birth
Thomas Ramsdell Heath Jr.October 20, 192991Death
James William CoodyOctober 20, 192892Birth
Lorenzo Hardybetween 1910 and October 20, 192694Death
Ellen Francis MooreOctober 20, 192694Death
Josephine EnzorOctober 20, 192298Death
Carolyn Jean MackOctober 20, 192298Birth
Delores Adeline LoaderOctober 20, 1913107Birth
Lucille JordanOctober 20, 1911109Birth
Raymond Whitney MacomberOctober 20, 1908112Birth
Adel CowartOctober 20, 1907113Birth
Johnnie Mae WilsonOctober 20, 1906114Birth
James V. HelmlyOctober 20, 1905115Death
Lawrence Edwin HenryOctober 20, 1905115Birth
Robert William PittsOctober 20, 1904116Birth
Ida Marie DugganOctober 20, 1902118Birth
David J. LambOctober 20, 1901119Death
Marvin D. PhillipsOctober 20, 1901119Birth
Cyntha ScottOctober 20, 1890130Death
Raymond Chester EngleOctober 20, 1890130Birth
William P. Rountree Jr.October 20, 1888132Death
Myrtle Reah PainterOctober 20, 1884136Birth
Lilly PainterOctober 20, 1884136Birth
Luvisa A. Jennons TalleyOctober 20, 1884136Death
Alice Mae ClaxtonOctober 20, 1880140Birth
James Ward PoppellOctober 20, 1880140Birth
Minnie PhillipsOctober 20, 1878142Birth
Elizabeth HammOctober 20, 1877143Death
Laura Elizabeth DurdenOctober 20, 1874146Birth
Sallie BoatrightOctober 20, 1872148Birth
Louisa P. BeardOctober 20, 1872148Birth
Mary Jane DurdenOctober 20, 1867153Birth
Matilda A. HutchesonOctober 20, 1862158Birth
John Wesley LawsonOctober 20, 1859161Birth
Laura Frances HutsonOctober 20, 1857163Birth
Walter J. O'CallaghanOctober 20, 1856164Birth
Susannah BeheOctober 20, 1850170Death
Harriet Jane TalleyOctober 20, 1844176Birth
Mary G. Salley GleatonOctober 20, 1843177Birth
James Irwin EdenfieldOctober 20, 1843177Birth
Solomon Perry StarrOctober 20, 1813207Birth
Deborah ScudderOctober 20, 1778242Death
Louis RitterOctober 20, 1778242Birth
William ThornOctober 20, 1774246Birth
Benjamin Youngblood Jr.October 20, 1773247Birth
David PerkinsOctober 20, 1773247Birth
Burdett Stryker Warden + Elaine Regina EdwardsOctober 20, 195664Marriage
William Henry Harrington + Myrtle Reah PainterOctober 20, 195070Marriage
Andrew Jackson Rich + Drewcila BoatrightOctober 20, 1865155Marriage
Elbert Fletcher + Sophronia SumnerOctober 20, 1864156Marriage
James Stephen Barton + Rachel BakerOctober 20, 1856164Marriage