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June 9, 2011 - 10:13:19 p.m.

Welcome to the Genealogy website.

This website contains the genealogy of the families that settled in the area of Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia and their related families and descendants.

I have endeavored to ensure the accuracy of these genealogy records, but there will be some mistakes. If you find any mistakes or needed corrections, please notify the Admin so corrections can be made.

I hope the genealogy information contained here is of some help to you in your genealogy research. If you have any related genealogy information that you would like to share, please contact the Admin.

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William L. Georgebefore January 21, 20191Death
James Martin GeorgeJanuary 21, 20191Death
William Winfield MooreJanuary 21, 20146Death
Floye YoumansJanuary 21, 20146Death
Sara Kennemur Youmansbefore January 21, 20146Death
Russell Calvin OdumJanuary 21, 20137Death
Moses Algerine BraddyJanuary 21, 200812Death
William H. JonesJanuary 21, 200020Death
George S. KatocsJanuary 21, 199822Death
George L. YoungbloodJanuary 21, 199822Death
Nina V. ThompsonJanuary 21, 199624Death
Jessie Mae ColeJanuary 21, 199327Death
Albert David HerronJanuary 21, 198238Death
Anna Mary CrawfordJanuary 21, 198139Death
Sadie YoumansJanuary 21, 198139Death
Leland Stanford KeaJanuary 21, 197743Death
Elijah Lee YoungbloodJanuary 21, 197248Death
John Leon McLeodJanuary 21, 196852Death
David Israel GoodmanJanuary 21, 196753Death
Lillian Crawford KinceyJanuary 21, 196753Death
Edgar Alamo ThompsonJanuary 21, 196555Death
Ida Lavicy ConawayJanuary 21, 196060Death
Smiley Brown FieldsJanuary 21, 194971Death
Ida Henrietta January 21, 194476Death
Margaret O. January 21, 194377Death
Susan Lilla CollinsJanuary 21, 194377Death
E. Austin DowningJanuary 21, 194179Birth
Ruth GreenJanuary 21, 194179Death
Clara Estella CarrollJanuary 21, 193684Death
Isaac S. HoltonJanuary 21, 193387Death
Alfred Rudolph OhtersenJanuary 21, 192991Birth
John Francis McAuliffeJanuary 21, 192991Death
Beverly Jeanna FlandersJanuary 21, 192991Birth
Aquila R. ScottJanuary 21, 192892Death
Amanda J. FlandersJanuary 21, 192496Death
William Alex KitchenJanuary 21, 192397Birth
Adam Lamar ClaxtonJanuary 21, 1917103Birth
Lester Eugene CrowJanuary 21, 1916104Birth
Clara B. January 21, 1915105Death
Harry C. CourseyJanuary 21, 1912108Birth
David T. KneisleyJanuary 21, 1909111Death
Robbie Lee KitchensJanuary 21, 1906114Death
John Coleman MitchellJanuary 21, 1901119Death
J. Otey HuttoJanuary 21, 1901119Death
Dewey E. GommelJanuary 21, 1898122Birth
Aquila R. ScottJanuary 21, 1898122Birth
Willard Andrew YoumansJanuary 21, 1895125Birth
Earnest Lamar KitchensJanuary 21, 1895125Birth
Anne Virginia BougherJanuary 21, 1895125Death
Mary Lipscomb GriffinJanuary 21, 1894126Death
Matthew C. SconyersJanuary 21, 1890130Birth
George Borvard FlemingJanuary 21, 1889131Birth
Martha Catharine KitchenJanuary 21, 1888132Birth
Willie Yancey CookJanuary 21, 1888132Birth
Robert J. D. ThompsonJanuary 21, 1882138Death
Basil Manly YoungbloodJanuary 21, 1869151Birth
William Henry TolerJanuary 21, 1862158Birth
John Franklin Elmore WingJanuary 21, 1852168Birth
Rachel L. OglesbyJanuary 21, 1851169Birth
Enoch JewettJanuary 21, 1849171Death
Catherine MosleyJanuary 21, 1845175Birth
Harlon Page HardyJanuary 21, 1838182Birth
Jane MooreJanuary 21, 1829191Birth
John Yeomansbetween January 21 and February 27, 1864Death
James Neil Kitchens + Sallie J. SmithJanuary 21, 1890130Marriage
James W. Poppell + Oceanna LewisJanuary 21, 1880140Marriage
William Stephen Holton + Mary Ann ThompsonJanuary 21, 1866154Marriage