Ebenezer Methodist Church at Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia

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Reubin Thompson and Rachel Chambers Thompson are the 5th great grandparents of Ray Kane, Jr., the website owner/operator.

The website is dedicated to the memory of Reubin Thompson and the related families who lived in the area of Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia.

Reubin and his wife, Rachel Chambers, moved to the area of Kemp, Emanuel County, Georgia in the early 19th century where he first erected a brush arbor Church and later had built the log Methodist Church known as Green Leaf. In 1877, descendants of Reubin Thompson, and other families of the Kemp area, erected the present Ebenezer Methodist Church shown in the picture above.

Although Kathryn O. Scott claims in her book “Footprints of a Pioneer People: The Story of Kemp” published in 1977, that Reubin Thompson served as a lieutenant during the Revolutionary War and took part in the Battle at Kettle Creek, further research has established that Reubin Thompson did not serve as a soldier during the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. There are no records of his service in the various military rosters of Revolutionary War soldiers and he is not listed in the 1840 U.S. Federal Census Index of Revolutionary War Soldiers living in Emanuel County, Georgia at the time of the 1840 census.

However, records in the Georgia Archives does indicate Reubin Thompson did serve as a Lieutenant in the 5th Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment of the Burke County Militia of Georgia on December 8, 1798 – 1800, some 15 years after the close of the Revolutionary War.

There were three Thompson men who have been verified as having fought at the battle of Kettle Creek, Wilkes County, Georgia on February 14, 1779. They were Benjamin Thompson, John Thompson and William Thompson who served with the Wilkes County Regiments Georgia Militia. It is not know if Reubin Thompson, who had just turned 14 years old at the time of the Kettle Creek battle,  is related to any of these three men.

The organizations of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution will accept applications for membership from descendants of Reubin Thompson on the basis he provided “Patriotic Service” to the Revolutionary cause.

Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation

The Thompson Family Association (now officially known as the Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation, Inc.) was first formed in 1957 as a means to organize a Thompson and related families reunion to be held annually at the Ebenezer Methodist Church.

The Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation, Inc. raises and provides funds for the upkeep and maintenance of the Ebenezer Methodist Church and the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery, where so many of our ancestors are interred.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Foundation with the upkeep and maintenance of the Church and Cemetery, please make your check payable to “Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation” and mail it to:

Philip Stephens, President
Reubin Thompson Memorial Foundation
1083 Woodland Drive
Soperton, GA 30457

Philip Stevens, President
Rhetta Pittman, Treasurer
Marilyn Lear, History Committee Chairperson

Bo George
Marilyn Lear
Allen Thompson
Rev. Clarence A. Thompson
Robert Thompson
Andy Thompson
Martha Walker
Clarke Johnson

Ebenezer Methodist Church Officers:
Rev. Clarence A. Thompson, Pastor
Melvin Davis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Stewards
Rebecca Roghelia, Treasurer and Pastor-Parish Relations